Sayulita Spanish Study is designed after a successful model of classes run since 2001 in Yelapa (Yelapa English Spanish Institute ) and a travel study program since 2005 ( The offerings will similarly include home stays, guided activities (as part of the class), or longer guided activities arranged with local proprietors or SSS on request. The emphasis, as in the class, will be on arranging opportunities for you to practice speaking Spanish and to coach you in the situations.

Director of the company is Jeannie (Juanita) Hnytka, a biologist and geographer, who dedicated twenty five years in environmental studies and conservation work in Canada and Mexico. After many years of travel in Latin America and Spain, she has followed her interests in education without the public schools in learning disabilities, and in teaching languages, primarily Spanish and English, in British Columbia, Portugal and Mexico.   She has run a program of language intensive study and home stays in Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarta since 2001 and since 2012 in Sayulita.   An avid naturalist, photographer, and sports enthusiast, she feels at home in the multicultural and dynamic atmosphere in Mexico, and brings this into the classroom, and you out into the real Mexico.

study at Sayulita Spanish Study

experienced Spanish teacher at your service!

Her blog about her experiences as a language teacher and a guide taking students throughout western Mexico can be checked at

Associates will be involved from the local community as teachers and as guides. We’d like to expand local home stays and invite other interested teachers and guides to inquire for employment.

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  1. Hi I am vacationing with my family in Sayulita from July 20 until Aug. 20. I’d like to put my 13 year old daughter in a Spanish school or class for a few weeks. Do you offer anything like this with kids her age during the above time frame?

    • Hi I have a 15 yr old boy until July 25th so that first week would work. He’s not totally confirmed but I’m pretty sure he’s with me for that time. Please write to my email at where I do most of my correspondence for school. The wordpress emal is a bit laborious. I can more info. Is she studying Spaish in high school or anything yet? saludos I have your email and hope to connect son. gracias. Juanita

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