Summer Classes in Sayulita – We’re open for the months of June, July and to mid-August, focusing on two hour classes with Activities. As Sayulita is hot in the summer, we’ll arrange to be in the coolest outdoor settings, and offer speaking opportunities during Activities throughout town. Classes will be early morning and late afternoon. Special groups may be accepted in the off-season months of May and October if there is considerable demand.

Study at Sayulita SES

Relaxed atmosphere for Spanish classes en Sayulita

Regular School Year – Fall classes begin in November and run to the end of April. Group classes run for three hours, or Private classes for one to two hours Monday to Friday (with a mid-class break). For some who prefer more practical time in a real life situation, we can do two hour classes and arrange a one hour local tour (meet local business proprietors, visit green grocers and fish stands, take a nature walk, Friday market garden, visit the Seniors Activity Center, etc.).   We can custom-make the class for your group, with morning or late afternoon starting times.  Please inquire.

The style of teaching is to use elements of structured grammar and combine them with lots of vocabulary by theme (environment, houses, foods, etc). Most work is oral, using written materials that provide a model. We use songs, exercises, games, food rewards (break) and visual materials to engage all the senses to help “fix” the vocabulary and language patterns. Beginners are taught initially in English, but quickly offering more instruction in Spanish and skills develop.

After the class, we can set up various activities for you with local providers and individuals (surf instruction, Zip-lines, horseback rides, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, bicycling, kayaking).

Beachside tables for chatting in Spanish with Mexican friends in Sayulita

Study Sayulita AND Yelapa!!  with Marietas Islands Tour

Confirmed for 2016 – Classes in Sayulita 1 or 2 weeks, then take our 50 min boat ride to  Marietas Islands. We’ll stay 1.5 – 2 hr stay on the islands for a great whale watching tour, snorkeling, bird viewing, swimming, beach-combing, swimming into an amazing cave open to the sky above, and then follow the dolphins back to Yelapa.  We can study in  Yelapa for 1 or 2 weeks and shift gears and activties.  Yelapa is a beautiful natural environment,  slower-paced with horses, mules, dogs, frogs, all the sights and sounds of nature filling the small Bay (bahía), full of hump-backed whales and dolphins (ballenas jorobadas y delfines). Check for confirmed dates give us your preferred dates.  Jan 10th to Jan 24th. We have an Advanced Beginner Class in the morning, with other levels possible. We can plan Activities (1 hr +) within the community or region (Alta Vista petroglyphs). Then on Jan 25th we move to the Marietas and Yelapa.  For those wanting just a Day Tour to Marietas and Yelapa, the boat can return the same day or the next morning.  Our captain, Jose Lorenzo is nephew to the large Lorenzo clan. Juanita has been teaching in Yelapa since 2001, and is a biologist. It’s a treat for  us to combine and introduce you to Yelapa.

Study and Tours to Marietas and Yelapa

Study and Tours to Marietas and Yelapa with Captain Jose

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  1. Hola! I am here in Sayulita until the end of June. Would you be offering any Spanish classes during my stay? Gracias

    • Hi Timaree: I do have a student who wants to come to Yelapa for 2 weeks probably in July, also one week possibly in Sayulita (28 yr old Australian) and a week up in the mountains. I’d like to have 2 students in my class to make it worth while. Any chance you’d be available mid June or last week in June? I can also use another teacher friend who could be available to teach you starting right away if you want. I can also be reached through my website for more direct contact. gracias. Juanita

    • Hi Sharon. Where are you staying? Do you have a cell for text messages? What level of Spanish do you speak? Know present tense verb conjugations and irregulars? Know pas t tenses? How much study have yuo done? how recently in the near past? How many hours per day of conversation do you want? Do uyou want grammar pointers or some intense work grammar (1 hr) and 1 hr of conversation? Any interest in activities? My cell 322 137 3603. Am in PV at present.

  2. Hola! I am going to Sayulita for the month of March and am interested in furthering my Spanish. Tengo dos anos de cursos de espanol, pero hace 20 anos! (sorry Eng. keyboard). Soy una mujer que aprenda las linguas facilmente (lo creo….) – curso sola (how do I say private classes??) quiza a lo mejor?? I have already rented a casita. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Hola Lisette. Si me gustaria ayudarte seguir tus estudios en Sayulita. Ya recuerdas mucho? Cuando quieres las clases exactamente? Quieres 1 or 4 semanas de estudios? Would you prefer privañte or group classes. I would prefer to write from my email address and not WordPress so will send another note. saludos Juanite (Jeannie)

  3. Hello, My husband and I will be in Sayulita for a week in 2017: April 29-May6. We’d love to take beginner classes. Will they be available? How do I sign up?

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