For those with a more adventurous spirit who really want to see more of this region of Mexico, we can arrange a one or two day tour (or more).

We offer Spanish Study tours to:  Yelapa–  a small village on the south side of the Bay of Banderas, reached by boat from the fishing village of Boca or downtown Puerto Vallarta. It’s nature at its best;  a sheltered bay, rivers rising into waterfalls, deep pools to swim in, whales jumping in the bay, numerous sheltered beaches, green hills rising steeply above the bay with choruses of birds.

Take a Spanish-speaking tour of Yelapa where everyone shares the same trail

Nature speaks Spanish in Yelapa

San Blas, a slightly larger traditional town two hours north, with abundant mangrove swamps and freshwater pools and estuaries, set against the abundant fruit plantations of mango, yaka (durian), lichee, bananas. For about the best for bird-watching anywhere in Mexico take the boat trip to La Tovara springs. Endless long beaches of fine sand, are excellent for beach combing, walking, birding and host to excellent surf.

Wood storks and Roseat Spoonbills at nesting colony

Storks and Spoonbills share nesting colony in San Blas

Tepic and Huichol community of Zitacua – the state capital of around 200,000 people, the regional museum of anthropology, interesting markets, numerous Huichol artists, a sugar-cane processing plant, and the local community of Zitacua where around 200 families live. Mexcaltitán -the origin island from where the Mexica (Me-shi-ca) Indians migrated in 1091 and eventually established the Aztec empire in the Valley of Mexico, is located less than hour north of Tepic

aerial view of island origin of the Mexica Indians who ruled the Aztec empire

Town Plan of the island of Mexcaltitán north of Tepic, origin of Aztecs

San Sebastian and Mascota, Jalisco –  These are small mountain villages, the former of mining fame since 1609, now a Pueblo Mágico and a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage designation. The latter  is an agricultural community with interesting history and archaeology (petroglyphs and a National Geographic sponsored museum of regional digs).   For more details see

View from forests surrounding quaint mining village of San Sebastian

Quaint San Sebastian village at 1,480 meters (4,856 ft) 1.5 hr from Puerto Vallarta.

Other local beach towns in Nayarit are also closer at hand, and well worth exploring. South of Sayulita: Destiladeras Beach, Cruz de Huanacaxtle and the Litibu beach at Higueras Blancas;  North of Sayulita: Los Ayalas, Chacala, Tortuga BeachArchaeological site of preserved petroglyphs are found along a stunning stretch of boulder-lined river pools at Alta Vista near Las Varas about 45 minutes north.

We also offer birding tours in the area and local hikes, as we’re avid naturalists who want you to experience the natural beauty of Sayulita and all that the region offers.

Local adventure tours in Sayullita can be arranged with Spanish-speaking local Guides:

Rancho Mi Chaparrito: Horseback riding, ATV tours, fishing, surf lessons, snorkeling at the Marietas Islands

Fidel’s Tours : Fishing, snorkeling, surfing tours

Dumay’s Fishing and Snorkeling Sayulita

Sayulita Jose Fishing, Surf and Whalewatching

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